Mr. Zachary Royal

Zachary Royal

Zachary Royal, BS, is a Senior Consultant at Shabas Solutions LLC, specializing in data analytics and pharmaceutical logistics. He is an advocate for using data-driven solutions to improve operational sustainability and quality culture. Mr. Royal has experience in assisting organizations transition from Research and Development labs to full-fledged manufacturing facilities. He has experience in redesigning Environmental Monitoring, Training, Data Archival, Data Visualization, and Data Integrity programs to align with ISO, USP, EU, and FDA regulatory guidelines and improve overall organizational function.

Zachary Royal served in the Shabas-led FDA QMM Pilot for Foreign API Manufacturers where he was responsible for developing the visual reporting for pilot site scores among other tasks. He is excited to help usher in a new chapter of global quality excellence with Quality Management Maturity (QMM).

Mr. Royal has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and is currently pursuing MBA with Data Analytics specialization. He also knows a thing or two about indoor farming.

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